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Aug 19, 2020

We are joined on the show today by Yitzchok—a man with a very powerful story to tell. The primary message he wants to get across in this episode is this: low-carb is easy and anyone can do it! Yitzchok was able to dramatically transform the state of his health over the past two years and it was easy because the low-carb diet is satiating and sustainable. Not only that, but eating right is easy because it is natural. In other words, everyone knows that it is good to eat vegetables, meat, and fruits. And everyone knows that it is bad to eat cake, donuts, and soda. In nineteen months, he has lost one hundred and ninety pounds just from changing his diet.
We apologize for the quality of the audio in this episode. Our internet connection with Yitzchok was not great, but we hope you are still able to understand what is said.
Thanks for listening!
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