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May 13, 2024

Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Low Carb MD Podcast. Judy Wolfe, a Certified Food Addiction Professional, SUGAR and HMA Certified through Bitten Jonsson, is a trailblazer in battling sugar and food addiction. She's a Co-founder of, a 24/7 one-stop-shop recovery platform based on their unique C.A.R.E. System (Connection-Action Steps-Recovery Protection™-Education) for crushing cravings and sparking transformations. With a personal recovery journey spanning 33 years and impressively maintaining a 125-pound weight loss, Judy's practical, action-driven approach has positively impacted hundreds on their path to sugar/food addiction recovery.

In this episode, Tro, Brian, and Judy talk about the genetic aspect of food/sugar addiction, the behavioral signs of a person struggling with food addiction, the time period for addiction recovery, philosophical issues with public policies that try to tax an addictive food substance into obscurity and disuse, why stress is the number one killer of the addiction recovery process, why moderation is emphatically NOT the answer for those who are truly sugar/food addicted, how diets don’t work but good nutrition does, the beauty and power of community in the addiction recovery process, and the difference between an addict and a harmful user.

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