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Sep 11, 2023

Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Low Carb MD Podcast.

Maggie Jones is a stage 4 cancer thriver who credits metabolic therapies, along with conventional treatment, with miraculously prolonging her life, which she has now dedicated to raising awareness of metabolic therapies. Brad Jones has over 20 years of editing experience and has worked on everything from a Peabody Award-winning documentary to the highest-rated shows ever on MTV and CMT.

In this episode, Brian, Maggie, and Brad talk about the experience of finding out that Maggie had cancer, how Maggie discovered that her cancer diagnosis was not necessarily a death sentence, how Maggie used fasting and the keto diet to beat cancer, the negative impacts that poor spiritual and emotional health has on your health, why lifestyle change is SO important for both cancer prevention and treatment, Maggie and Brad’s docuseries on the history of cancer treatment and prevention—CANCER/EVOLUTION, why stress is such a killer and meditation/prayer is such a life-giver, why community and having a healthy perspective on life is more important for total health than you think, the metabolic theory of cancer and why so few people know about it, the upcoming CANCER/EVOLUTION World Premier and Summit, and Maggie’s meditation practice.




Maggie and Brad Jones:


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