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Dec 7, 2020

Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Low Carb MD Podcast. We are very excited to welcome Dr. Gary Fettke, a legend and a trail blazer in the LowCarb community, to the show. Dr. Fettke is an orthopedic surgeon from Tasmania who came to prominence through his vocal opposition to some of the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines. He was targeted by the cereal industry—who were in a paid contractural agreement with the Dietitians Association of Australia—who attempted to silence his anti-sugar, low carb message.

In this episode, Dr. Fettke sheds light on the major influencers of the world’s dietary guidelines—the sugar industry and the Adventist Church Group (a religious group that effectively owns the cereal industry of the world, the soy industry, and started the fake meat industry). Both of these groups are also heavily influential in medical education.

Additionally, we discuss the definition of diabetes, why sugar, carbs, and polyunsaturated oils are the perfect storm of dietary disaster, the effect that a ketogenic diet can have on arthritic pain, why CGMs are an incredible resource, the Maillard Reaction, the birth of the pharmaceutical industry, and how the medical industry has been influenced by external forces with private agendas.

Gary Fettke’s rewriting of the Dietary Guidelines in one sentence: “We need to eat fresh, local, seasonal, whole foods, based in environmental and cultural beliefs, reducing added sugar and processed food.”

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