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Oct 7, 2020

We have the privilege of having Dr. Ed El Sayed on the show with us today. Dr. Sayed is a doctor in pharmacy with a focus in infectious disease, he has put together some amazing educational materials which are available at medQuest Reviews. Additionally, his research is focused on viral hepatitis and HIV viral kinetics, and he is currently involved in a number of studies looking for a functional cure for HIV. He is also a member of the Jewish Medical Community in Brooklyn.
In this discussion with Dr. Sayed, we converse primarily about the COVID-19 virus and related topics. In order to dispel the great confusion among people everywhere with regard to this virus and how one may protect themselves and their loved ones from it, Dr. Sayed teaches us all about what we do and do not know with regard to this Corona Virus.
Among the topics discussed are the six-feet social distancing rule, the relationship between social injustices in our society and the prevalence of general health in various racial communities, the usage of the hydroxychloroquine drug for treating the Corona Virus, whether (and when) wearing a mask is effective or not, potential prospective vaccines, and philosophies of medical education.
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Dr. Tro Kalayjian: 
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