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Jul 8, 2020

Jerry Teixeira is a body weight strength trainer who has been helping people lose weight for good without going to a gym! In this episode, Jerry tells us about his approach to health, diet, and exercise as well as relating the story of his own personal journey toward a healthier lifestyle. We discuss the ‘calories in, calories out’ model as well as the theory that you should ‘eat less and move more’ to lose weight. Also, we discuss the ‘obesity mindset’ that people sometimes retain after they have dropped a lot of weight. Jerry’s theory of weight loss and strength training revolves around the idea that each person needs to start where they are at. Then, as you become stronger and lose more weight, the intensity of the exercise scales up to meet your ability. We talk about blue zones, the effects of eliminating plant food from your diet, and the potential health benefits of a carnivore diet.

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